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"Affordable prices, no fuss, no jargon, just a great cut at a great price."


The Second Combing is a start-up social enterprise hairdressers, located within Happytat. The hairdressers' specialises in both men & women's dry cuts, shaves and beard trims. Anthonell Peccoo aka 'Toni' is our resident barber and has a unique story behind The Second Combing's beginnings.


The Story

My name is Toni and this is the story of how I am now able to ‘Show my shine’ :

Since being released from my incarceration in 2017, I’ve been given many opportunities to find a new lease of life, to feel as if I have something to give, a second chance so-to-speak. I got connected with MentorMe who are a charity that provide support upon release from prison through mentoring and in turn they got me involved with the LoveBristol social enterprise, Happytat. Here I have been able to share my story and connect with people who have encouraged me to use my 'shine' as the catalyst for a future where I can give back.


Training as a hairdresser in college gave me the skills needed to practice being a barber in prison, I believe it is an art form and that there can be such beauty in hair cutting. With the help and support of the team at Happytat I have been given the chance to put this into practise in a more permanent way. My reason for the name is a play on words but is also to symbolise the second chance that has been given to me in my life, as a Christian I believe that Jesus will once again come back and I use that as a metaphor and an inspiration that in my own way, this has been like a second coming for me, the magnitude of which cannot be compared to the fore but the sentiment remains the same.


I’d like for people to know and understand my story, I’m a simple man wanting to cut hair and reach out to people that have similar stories to tell, give everyone a voice, when they feel like that there isn’t anyone to listen. Within my time at Happytat/The Second Combing I’d love for people to hear my story and be forever inspired. I want to always give back, I can spend time helping, inspiring and teaching. I know and believe that we all have our own shine, no matter how bright or dim it may be, it shines and everyone should be given a chance to show it.


To make a hair appointment with Toni, the easiest way is to send him a Facebook message. You are also welcome to call the Happytat shop, or pop in for a walk-in appointment:


0117 329 1747


Facebook & Instagram:  @2ndcomb



Happytat, Croft House, Stokes Croft, Bristol  BS1 3TB

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