Ozaria Terrariums & Plants

"Making the world a greener place, one house plant and terrarium at a time."



We think plants and furniture are an absolute dream team at Happytat! That's why in October 2019 we partnered up with Ozaria Plants & Terrariums who stock a beautiful variety of house plants in our shop.



With a regular supply of locally sourced plants available in our charity shop, it's easy to jump on the green bandwagon by getting your home furnishings and plant needs met, all under one roof! 


Ozaria Terrariums & Plants is a local business that runs on a pop-up shop basis, catering for personalised projects across Bristol. The business started in 2018 with the concept of promoting sustainable indoor gardening via a "Don't let it go to waste!" incentive, implementing upcycling of unwanted, locally sourced containers.

Through using tins and recycled containers to pot plants, and creating miniature live ecosystems in glass containers, the plant stockist promotes greener interiors and cleaner air in our homes.

The aim is to get people excited about house plants, engaging and educating the public about care and upkeep through local workshops.  


Want to know more about Ozaria Plants? The best way to keep up to date is to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!




07943 496848

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