Welcome to Happytat Handmade

The home for unloved and unused pieces of furniture. With a little love and TLC, old pieces are given a new lease of live.


Welcome to Happytat Handmade!

This part of our project is geared toward expressing our creativity whilst breathing fresh life into the old and unused. We love what we do! Our aim is to produce pieces of furniture that are finished to the highest standard and that last.

Our Projects

Projects run by our resident hand makers

Furniture restoration

Ever wondered what happens to your unwanted pieces of furniture, Given a little love they can be restored and redeemed

Contempary Crafting

The home of Happytat Handmade's Home Accesories. From lampshades to cushions, placements to buntin. Come here to give any room a bit of charcter.

Custom Orders

Have a piece that you want upcycled in a certain way, get in touch and we will see how best we can help.

All projects are done with a high level of love and care.

Items to donate?


1 - Email us a photo


2 - On approval we will arrange collection via email or phone


3. Thank you for your generosity


Thinking of Voluntee


Please call us on:

0117 329 1747

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or E-mail about up-cycling at:




Croft House
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Business Hours:


Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00
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